Terry Lawrence – Festival Photographer

I am a Herefordian born bred and have lived here my whole life. I still enjoy finding new places of interest to take photographs among the fields and woodlands of the beautiful countryside surrounding Hereford. The photographs I have decided to display at the Garden Festival are part of a 12 month project of Haugh Woods which is just a … Read More

The Marine Conservation Society

Look closely at many marine artefacts, such as shark teeth, egg cases, molluscs, periwinkles. Meet a true to size blow-up leatherback turtle and play the ‘Litter Timeline’ game, showing how long common litter items take to degrade.


Team4Nature are passionately bringing business, community and nature together for a better world

Peter King

21 years of experience forging, welding and sculpting both abstract and botanical inspired creations.

Orchard Band Buskersp

Mike and Graham of the Orchard Band will be joining us at the Festival on Saturday 8th with their delightful busking in the grounds of Hellens.

Composting Masterclass

Saturday 4pm GET GROWING – Compost advice for beginners and those more experienced!