Wye Valley Falconry – SAT only

Saturday ONLY

Join Luke Mammatt of Wye Valley Falconry and his beautiful birds of prey for entertaining and informative flying displays in the meadow during the weekend.

Wye Valley Falconry offers private bird of prey experiences around Herefordshire. As well as Educational Visits to Schools, Brownies, Care Homes and Informative Flying Displays. All experiences with Wye Valley Falconry are entertaining and informative. Private experiences are hands-on, interactive and offer participants the chance to fly our Birds of Prey and watch their unique techniques that make them some of the worlds most incredible hunters and predators in the world.

About Wye Valley Falconry;

My name is Luke Mammatt. I am a passionate falconer with over 14 years of experience working and flying a diverse variety of Birds of Prey. As a young boy Birds of Prey fascinated me. I was mesmerised by their acrobatic flying and their hunting ability. During 2006, I spent a week at a small Falconry Centre in Mid Wales for ‘work experience’. It was here that I got bitten by the “Falconry Bug”. In Spring 2009 I became a Pest Control Falconer in Perth, Scotland. The company was one of Britain’s largest Pest Control Services and are well known for flying Birds of Prey. My duties involved flying a variety of Birds of Prey including Harris Hawks and Falcons to scare away gulls, pigeons, crows and starlings from around football stadiums, hospitals, shopping centres, schools, recycling facilities, landfill sites and industrial estates. In 2011 I moved to Bedfordshire to work as a Display Falconer at one of the largest Birds of Prey centres. Here I was flying a multitude of Birds of Prey. I thrived off the interaction with the public and performed for Displays, Handling Experiences and Activities. My next move was in the summer of 2014 when I moved to Oxfordshire to work at another Birds of Prey Centre that was completely new and relativity small. I have been fortunate enough to be part of the team at this centre that has contributed to the growth of the business to the much larger complex that it is today. In 2019 I decided to open up my very own Falconry business and here I am running Wye Valley Falconry in the town that I grew up in.

Contact Details

Email –  wyevalleyfalconry@hotmail.com    Phone – 07955630684.  Facebook – Wye Valley Falconry