The Circus Gardener Chef/ blogger

Steve Dent

Steve Dent is an award winning food writer and vegetarian recipe developer based in Worcester. Steve’s recipes have appeared in various books, newspapers and magazines, including The Guardian and Sainsburys Magazine, and feature regularly in on-line food websites.

Steve runs the blog “The Circus Gardener’s Kitchen” (, which showcases many of his original vegetarian and vegan recipes. In his blog, Steve aims to demonstrate that vegetarian food can be delicious, exciting and nutritious.His blog is also about the politics of food. Most of his recipes are accompanied by a brief polemic about some aspect of the food industry that he doesn’t like (which seems to be most of it). Steve argues that the way we produce, distribute, regulate, package, buy, sell and discard the food we consume is an indication of a deeper societal malaise and a need for change.

In 2017, Steve helped set up Worcester Food Rescue, an initiative which collects edible food from supermarkets which has passed its “display by” date (and would therefore be destined for landfill), and distributes it to various charities in the city where it helps feed those who need it most.

Steve is also a regular volunteer on the city’s Old North Stables Community Gardens, which aims to strengthen the community by sharing skills and knowledge about how to grow fruit and vegetables, reducing food miles, providing a closer connection with where our food comes from and providing local charities with a supply of fresh, organic herbs, vegetables and fruit.

He has also given public talks on a range of subjects including food waste, food security and preventative healthcare.