Sarah Monk

Sarah Monk

Bug Houses – Slab built terracotta slipware. 2020. £35.00 Each.

I have made a series of little ceramic houses. Insect dwellings which I’ve filled with hay, tiny twigs and seeds. Small hidey holes for bugs to dwell or hibernate. They’re designed to hang in trees or outside spaces. My intention is to display them in a tidy row, like houses in a street. Each house has been decorated differently in surface and colour. The idea that we live side by side in a world where we are able to protect each other and the world around us is a good one: ‘Together We Are The Seeds of Change’.

 Sarah wrote a little blog about the work back in June:


I am a designer-maker specializing in functional ceramics to fit comfortably in the home and garden. The whole range is mix and match, consisting of kitchen ware, bathroom accessories and pieces for the garden.

When making my own work, my approach is relaxed and playful, and I hope this translates through to the finished pieces. Slips are brushed on, sgraffito designs drawn into the surface and clay spriggs motifs applied, making the pieces tactile, a deliberate consideration.

All making happens at the wet clay stage. After a biscuit firing I don’t add anything else to the surface except for a simple lead-free glaze.

My ceramics have been exhibited extensively in the U.K and overseas and I have award winning designs represented in important museum collections at home and abroad.

As well as designing and making, I collaborate with my husband and fellow potter Jon Williams to offer remarkable pottery experiences from our Herefordshire studio Eastnor Pottery. These creative short courses and workshops are open to individuals and groups, all ages and abilities. If you unable to visit our idyllic studio on the Eastnor Castle Estate, the Flying Potter can come to you!