Ryan Sandford-Blackburn

Title: No such thing as waste in nature

Description: Healthy natural systems don’t waste anything. Permaculture is a holistic design philosophy inspired by Nature. Let’s take some time to think how we can regenerate. And respect that we’re an integral part – how can we waste less time and effort?

Bio: Ryan Sandford-Blackburn is a parent, community activist and a founding member of Earthed Up! A co-operative agroecological plant nursery, growing and selling edible and useful plants. Ryan is a director, grower and educator. www.earthedup.com

Ryan is motivated by doing things that make total sense: improving soil health, growing healthy and nutritious food, and spending time with others in beautiful gardens.

In his 7 years working at the Permaculture Association, Ryan was inspired by people at hundreds of projects working to care for the earth, care for people, and making sure there’s enough to go around now and for future generations.