Rachel Corby – Wild Medicine

Join Rachel for a Wild Medicine Walk around Hellens – Saturday 1pm  and  Workshop ‘Plant Wisdom: Body Wisdom’  – Saturday 3.30pm

Discover how plants are telling you about themselves,  by learning how to listen! Slow down as you use your senses to explore the body of a plant and notice how and where it then touches your body. We will also pay attention to our mind and emotions as we touch, taste and smell the plant. This approach gives a well rounded understanding of “who” a certain plant is. It also gives us clues as to the impact of using them as a medicine. This goes beyond the physical as this method also identifies any impact individually for your mind and spirit. This is direct learning from the plant and is a beautiful and visceral way to learn. It goes much deeper than simply reading the “uses” of a plant in a book. Come along and discover how to communicate with your plants!


Rachel is a medicine woman, plant whisperer and personal rewilding coach. Since her early days spent playing on her parents compost heap with earthworms and egg shells she has loved being outside with a little dirt under her fingernails. She became more aware of the medicinal properties of plants whilst working in South America on various permaculture projects in the 1990s. During the same time period she was catapulted deeply into the realms of plant consciousness whilst working with a shaman in the Ecuadorian rainforest. Since that time she has worked to reconnect with all things wild and build relationships with the plants she encounters.

Rachel is the author of  four books.  The most recent is Rewilding & The Art Of Plant Whispering. Rachel leads workshops, retreats, apprenticeships and online mentorships encouraging people to connect with plant spirits and to reignite their own wild core.

twitter/ Facebook/ instagram: @mugwortdreamer

website: www.wildgaiansoul.com