Plant Perception and Resonance workshop with Mandy Pullen and Freya Davies

Plant Perception and Resonance with Mandy Pullen and Freya Davies

Sunday  –  3.30pm

Plants have so much to offer and give so generously – healing, wisdom, friendship and knowledge. Spending time getting to know plants is never wasted!

Which plants do you feel an affinity with?

Do you know which plants may want to support or help you?

Have you ever thought to thank the plants you live with or how it may be to develop a relationship with plants?

This workshop is an introduction to the earthly realm of plant perception and resonance. We will explore simple, practical techniques for getting to know plants from a feeling or heart sense and we will journey to meet the plant spirit.

The session is suitable for anyone. It will involve quiet reflection and a shamanic journey with drumming.

Mandy Pullen is a shamanic practitioner living in the Forest of Dean Gloucestershire. Mandy has developed Ecoshamansim in the UK and offers training and events around the country.  Ecoshamanism is a bringing together of the ancient practice of shamanism with ecology, to create a way of being in the world that connects our sensory experience with spirit.

Freya Davies is a sensory herbalist  and plant lover living in the Wye Valley area of Gloucestershire. Freya has a deep connection to the land and believes that once we spend time connecting with the natural world we begin to develop a relationship that will nourish us through our lifetime and will bring care to how we live in the world.

Freya and Mandy offer one-day and ongoing plant perception and resonance courses.

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