Craig & Paola Trafford

Is Hemp Truly a Misunderstood ‘Multiple Miracle Resource’ of Our Times?

Today the world is badly in need of natural resources that offer;

  • Physiological healing to people across a range of ailments
  • Rapid, wide-ranging benefits, including soil remediation to natural AND man-made environments,
  • Confer swiftly replenished resources for all scale of economies.

Sheer fantasy?

But what if such a simple, resilient, natural solution to so many current world problems – including poverty – did exist?

We at BeCalmerCBD & Hemp view Agricultural Hemp as the ‘Marvellous Miracle Plant’:

As alternative and complementary health practitioners for a combined 60+ years we’ve experienced the gamut of quackery to unfathomable wonders. Nothing else so rightly merits the status of Contemporary Global Miracle Worker as the Agricultural Hemp plant – Cannabis Sativa.

Discover why we are filled with admiration and awe for this oft maligned and misunderstood natural beauty and why we want to see it planted in massive global projects as quickly as humanly possible.

With Paula and Craig Trafford from Malvern-based BeCalmer CBD

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Paola and Craig Trafford – are Fully Qualified Holistic Health Practitioners with 60 Years Combined Experience. You are in safe, knowledgable and experienced hands

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Paola Trafford

Pilates Exercise Teacher, Kum Nye Tibetan Yoga Presenter, Organic Massage Therapist, Colour Image Consultant.

Craig Trafford

Craig Trafford – Energetics & Coaching, Certified Stress Reduction Trainer

Reg’d. Kinesiology Consultant, Accredited EFT International Advanced Practitioner

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