Miranda White

“conscious dance – with headphones on – down in the woods”

 “Natural dance” – dancing with nature – Miranda is a yoga/meditation teacher and a 5Rhythms Spaceholder  (meaning she is on the teaching path) and holds 5 Rhythms classes at The Lady Emily Hall in Tarrington on Wednesdays.(whiteheartyoga.co.uk

Land and the wildlife that lives within it, is not a resource to protect but a complex web of many relationships, with each being, humans included, holding a place of importance and membership. We humans belong to nature and we are a part of nature. How we behave effects nature because we are part of it, and when we really feel this we start treating mother nature with respect.

5 Rhythms is a mixture of mindfulness, moving meditation, dancing and yoga: Miranda will take you on a little journey to connect with yourself and the environment that surrounds you. We will be wearing headphones and dancing/moving to music. Its a different way to connect with nature and its great fun.