Larkrise Housing Co-Operative

Why Community?

 Resilience, Affordability, Sustainability 

3pm SAT


Larkrise cohousing is an exciting new community-led housing project. We are an intentional community that aims to provide a space to live and be through conscious collaboration. A place that both celebrates the uniqueness and beauty of each individual whilst also appreciating that together our magic is greater. It aims to build and provide homes that are both ecological and affordable. Laying down beautiful eco-friendly housing in Much Birch in Herefordshire that aims to provide affordable housing now and for future generations.

What is Larkrise?

Larkrise is an exciting, ground-breaking blue sky project in the green surrounds of Hereford. Pioneering and innovating in providing affordable and sustainable community living.

It’s a community lead co-housing development. Operating co-operatively with a non-hierarchical structure. Decisions and innovations are made using the advice process and consensus. The aim is to answer to some of the housing concerns of our day; affordability, sustainability, and social inclusion. To find and provide a way of living that is beneficial for people and planet.

At Larkrise we are offering 20 dwellings in the Herefordshire village of Much Birch, just off Tump lane. It is an intentional community that is accessible to people from all backgrounds. The project aspires to be a multi-generational, socially diverse community.

A community created through conscious collaboration focussed on caring for people and stewarding the land. The site will include a common house, private and communal gardens and vegetable growing. Also work spaces, play spaces and special places for quiet reflection in nature.

We Do Not Inherit The Earth From Our Ancestors; We Borrow It From Our Children

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