Kev Alviti

My name is Kev, I’m in my mid thirties, have a wife, two daughters and a son and love how we live.

I grew up on a farm in rural Shropshire and I’ve always loved being outside. We used to farm around 200 acres (all rented) that was mixed for arable and livestock, we kept around 250 sheep and my childhood is full of memories of farm life from managing stock to days spent on a tractor.

When I left school/college I fell into a job labouring on a building site. I enjoyed it so much that I decided to get a trade and trained as a carpenter. Since then I have worked on many interesting jobs, from schools and prisons to managing whole floors on high rise buildings.

My most interesting and rewarding job came a few years ago. Since April (2014) I have become a stay at home dad, I still work as a carpenter at the weekends and school holidays, but day to day I spend looking after our children on our little homestead.

We try to grow as much food as we can and I’m trying to give my children a real appreciation of where food comes from. I’m obsessive about anything to do with homesteading and try to put skills into practice as much as I can, to learn through doing.

I try to involve my children in everything I do as well as making sure that we’re a part of our local community. I’ve got big plans for our little homestead so I hope you all stick around and read about our adventures!