Kate Smart – Malvern Dowsers


Kate Smart – Malvern Dowsers

Talk Title: Learn to dowse with a pendulum and a pot plant 


In this practical and fun session you will learn how to dowse using your pendulum, then use your new skills to practice dowsing to find out about your plant in a pot.

You will need:

  • A pendulum (a weighted, small object attached to a short thread or string) This could be a pendant necklace, a stone with a hole in it on a string or a pendulum that you have bought.  Metal, crystal, wood or stone objects are all fine.
  • A small ish pot plant (house or garden plant) that you can have nearby to practice your dowsing.
  • Something to write notes on and with (optional).

About me:

Kate is a ‘deviceless’ dowser and landscape designer.  She designs gardens and green spaces in harmony with nature and that’s about restoring balance and the creative relationship with your plot whatever the size.  This unique design service allows you to discover the essence of your garden and see it really come alive whether you are using your space for pleasure, productivity or wellbeing.

Kate is chair of Malvern Dowsers and her local gardening club.  She has kept bees (but not for the honey!) and has two naughty Welsh Terriers.  Her garden has been open to raise funds for the NGS five times.  She is also a member of the Biodynamic Association.  To find out more about how she works and what she does see her Divine Gardens website below.


Mob: 07719994287

Email: divine.soul.gardens@gmail.com