JuliLa ~ Cello & Song 

Organic sessions 

Listen out for JuliLa, singing cellist and composer of uplifting ditties.  You may stumble upon her singing her Seed Song beneath a tree or  playing Elgar as you sip your tea. Meanwhile, when electrickery is  available, potentially accompanied by many cello’s on Loop pedal! 

JuliLa (alias Julia Palmer-Price) has a Cello’ScooL, and holds regular  SongS P A C E sing-a-long classes, in the Malvern Hills. Excitingly, in the  Lockdown pause, JuliLa produced her debut Album ‘in Fields’ which is  about to be launched, here in the Great Barn at Hellens, on 27th June.  

So happy to be here and looking forwards to meeting you all ‘in an  English Country Garden’ where requests will be welcome!