Jenna Higgins – Agroecology


Agroecology Talk by Jenna Higgins. Transition Malvern Hills

For students of all ages, come along to this fascinating talk about agro-ecology – how maximising soil carbon helps to reverse climate breakdown and what you can do about it, by Jenna Higgins.

About Jenna: Jenna studied countryside management in college and specialised in arboriculture at University. She was an arboricultural consultant before completing an apprenticeship in coppice crafts and woodland management. Along the way she continued to further her studies, learning about permaculture and how humans can live a low impact existence and trees could be incorporated within food growing systems and agriculture.

Following an illness, Jenna adopted an organic and nutrient rich diet and her passion for nature and sustainable land management only intensified . She began to learn more about agriculture and how humans could feed themselves sustainably and about farming methods that helped to rebuild soil, called agro-ecology.

Jenna has spent time volunteering on organic farms that use agro-ecological and regenerative principles and she currently works as a gardener, applying these principles.