Transition Malvern Hills

Climate Breakdown What Can I Do?

Ian Caldwell of Transition Malvern Hills


The talk covers:

The facts about climate breakdown, a quick summary.

Your Personal carbon footprint. What parts of your lifestyle create the most carbon emissions. 

What you can do to reduce your carbon footprint in the following areas





What is Transition?

Transition Malvern Hills goal is: Practical local action to tackle climate change and build a sustainable community

Transition is a global movement of local, community-led initiatives that helps people become happier and the towns and villages they live in become stronger and more resilient. It’s happening in over a 1000 communities across the world. These communities have started up projects in areas such as food, transport, energy, education, waste, arts, etc as small scale, local responses to the challenges of climate change, economic hardship, loss of community, and shrinking supplies of resources.
transition2_logoThe main website of the movement is This is full of useful information.

One of these initiatives is us, Transition Malvern Hills.