Rowan McOnegal- Physic Gardenp

Saturday 4 pm
Tour of the physic garden : herb walk and talk.

A closer look at what’s growing in the herb garden at Hellens, and discussion of  how we can grow and use them for our health and wellbeing, and cultivate a special healing space that’s good for our soul.

Rowan was taught by some of the most well known herbalists in the U.K. , and qualified as a western medical herbalist in 1990. She has been working with plants, and teaching others how to do so, ever since. She forages and grows the herbs she uses, makes many of her own medicines, and advocates herbalism as a living tradition that can be integrated into our everyday lives, and encourages others to do so too, believing that if we appreciate and value the natural world we will all take better care of it!

She teaches practical medicine making and natural perfumery courses throughout the year from her eco home in Putley.

Please see her website for details .