“Dowsing is sometimes described as ‘A Way of Finding Out’, and as such it can be used to find places which are good for humans to spend time in, and also places which it is best to avoid. This could be referred to as the ‘diagnostic’ aspect of dowsing.

But in addition, dowsing can also be used as a form of, or an aid to, intervention.  So if there is a concentration of unhelpful energies at a particular place, dowsing can help you to change those energies.  One dowser who has done a lot of work in this field is Joey Korn, an American Dowser/Healer whose book ‘Dowsing : A Path to Enlightenment’ is extremely useful.  Joey’s website at is a good introduction to his work.

As well as the health of human beings, dowsing can also be used to find places in the land which are good for particular plants, by asking tailor-made questions, and using dowsing to come up with the answers.  Dowsing can also be used in conjunction with other techniques as a way of intervening on gardening issues.

Dowsing is perhaps best known as a way of finding water, but it can go further than this, in identifying how much water there is at a particular place, at what depth, and how consistently these conditions prevail at a particular point throughout the year.  Dowsing can be a gardener’s friend.

Some dowsers specialise in finding water, and we are fortunate to have Linda Prenter with us who can answer your questions.

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