Dan Westall – Outback 2 Basics

Dan of Outback2Basics is a resourceful and effective outdoor teacher and mountain leader, with extensive wilderness experience and a passion for the outdoors.

His aim has been to inspire young people to reconnect to the wilderness and build their self esteem , confidence and team work ultimately giving them the tools to be effective leaders. He has been working with young people since 2003 in various outdoor settings from bushcraft wilderness living, canoeing, climbing and hiking.

I’ve always had a great connection to the outdoor world. Always as a kid I would be late home, covered in dirt from building dens, climbing trees and explorations in the woodlands.

My biggest adventure happened In 2010 which shaped the way I teach now. After many years teaching bushcraft I came across Lynx Vilden’s Stone Age immersion project taking part in America. This course changed my whole life. The 5 month course learning primitive skills culminated in living completely primitively in the wild without any modern equipment.

I have some truly special stories and memories of this experience, it’s what inspired myself and Naomi to set up Outback2basics.

I have also set up WildWellWalks guiding people through the UK’s beautiful landscapes. Both Naomi and I co-wrote Forest School Adventure and book designed to inspire outdoor learning.

I now spend most of my time running Outback2basics as well as working as a medic and Survival consultant on various TV shows around the globe, any excuse to have an adventure.


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