Annie Beatty – Yoga

“Annie has been teaching Iyengar Yoga since her 20s in 1995.  She is passionate about the rigour of the method and wishes to dispel the myth that Iyengar Yoga is all about alignment and holding postures ; yes, certainly Iyengar Yoga teachers study alignment and spend time holding postures to study them. 

 Come and discover why we might explore alignment and placement of the body.  Just as we create a structural form for the garden, placing plants in various ways creating different atmosphere within that garden, Yoga is very much like the gardening of the body, mind and soul.  Come and sit in your very own inner garden through the physical practice of Yoga asanas.  Find the echoes of the beauty of Hellens Garden deep within you.

 I will be offering a seated class for people with disabilities and people who are older.”

Yoga Classes at

11am,  2pm  and 4pm both days