What’s On – Art & Sculpture Trail

The 2020 Garden Festival Sculpture trail is set to be magnificent.

During the festival we bring together the imagination and creativity of local sculptors, encouraging them to respond to the site and work collaboratively to create a sculpture trail.

The sculptors work with myriad forms of natural mediums: stone, wood, metal and willow. Their pieces explore the power, beauty and fragility of the natural world, exhibited together as a feast of shape, form, colour and movement, and a chance for thought and reflection.  Enjoy the unusual experience of a diverse, mixed trail that is inclusive to many styles and curated by the sculptors themselves, allowing for a celebration of nature and humanity, personal responses to educational themes, and the opportunity to share Hellens Garden Festival values and aims in a creative, expressive way.  We love that it encourages visitors to explore beyond the main areas of the Hellens garden and takes them out into nature.

In 2020, we have made the decision to rest the ancient meadow, allowing it to regenerate and for its wildflowers to remain undisturbed, seed and flourish. The sculpture trail will continue elsewhere, unfolding within hidden spaces, woodland nooks, leafy spinneys, and secret moss covered pathways… a magical experience for all who visit.

Several of the sculptures will be specially created for the Garden Festival 2020 in response to the theme ‘Together, we are the Seeds of Change’.