The Ferme


The Ferme are a small Malvern based company, run by Andy & Michelle who source quality local produce to make delicious, raw, live, artisan sauerkraut and Kimchi. Their moto is one of health and vitality – ‘bringing life to your food, health to your gut and making your microbiome smile!’

We want to share our passion for all things fermented and to inspire people to taste great new flavours. What is more, the benefits of these incredibly healthy foods are numerous. Fermented foods have become a daily part of our lifestyle and we rely on them as part of our well being. They enrich our lives, including that of our 3 year old daughter who is testament to the benefits of these foods because she is so vibrant and joyful. We are fortunate in that every day our mealtimes become a banquet of colour and flavour. Our ferments compliment most foods making every meal a daily feast.”

As well as tasting great The Ferme’s ferments are all vegan, gluten free and are a natural probiotic. Fermented vegetables supply to the gut probiotics that help improve digestion, improves immune function, reduces inflammation and allergies and supports cognitive health and mood1. Just over three tablespoons (56g) of live sauerkraut has more probiotics than a bottle of 100 count probiotics2.

The Ferme use a natural lactic acid fermentation method that promotes the safe growth and the creation of healthy bacteria.

The Ferme also sell some pickled products which include Pickled Fennel and Sadhu Pickle. Sadhu Pickle is a unique, fiery and fresh pickle made in keeping with an authentic Indian recipe. These both have such amazing flavours that they wanted to add them to their range.

Therefore with kimchi, pickles and so many varieties of sauerkraut to chose from (5 types) you’ll soon have a Ferme favourite’.

The Ferme now deliver for free within Malvern or offer a postal service throughout the UK. For a full product list message them on Facebook and find outlets that stock their products and the Farmers Markets they attend.

Follow us on instagram: @the_ferme  or on Facebook: The Ferme


The BEST fermented food I’ve ever had. I challenge you not to eat the whole jar in one sitting.” A very happy customer