Paul Thomas- Metalcrafting

Regular HGF Sculpture trail participant and prolific local sculptor in all things found metal, Paul Thomas has been creating in lockdown…the pandemic has galvanised Paul to create even more recycled and repurposed art.
Check out these short films showing Paul talking about some of his new works.
For Hellens Garden Festival 2020 and in these extraordinary times, Paul has been moved to make a piece that reflects how he is feeling.
When will things return to normal? What was normal? Will there ever be a time when we can intermingle with family and friend without a feeling of anxiousness?
These interconnecting thoughts are represented by the interconecting of two “Question Marks” with the water being the flow of these thoughts.
The water feature will eventually be sited in pond the pond at Hellens. We look forward to seeing it at the festival, gracing the sculpture trail with its decorated edges, plant lined like his fantastic and dynamic “Millie” shown in 2018.