Waste to Wonder Creative Schools Project 2024

This year we have had the pleasure of working with KS2 children from 3 local primary schools – Much Marcle, Ledbury & Mordiford.

Children from Mordiford Primary School joined us for a whole day of Earth Education which included learning about climate change, food miles, ‘refraining, reducing & recycling’, they took part in The Great Egg Race, inspected the rubbish produced from their lunch boxes and drummed on junk percussion & made kazoos with the amazing Bym from Beat Bang Bong.

On top of this, all 3 schools have helped us to create some incredible recycled decor for our Waste Hub at this years festival. Children have created beautiful flowers from plastic bottles and theatrical Totums from tin cans and recyclable vinyl. The flowers will adorn the Waste area – creating a plastic garden to bring the Waste Hub to life. The Totums will dramatically tower with messages from the children about how to save our planet and create less rubbish!

Much Marcle Primary School Garden Project 2023

March – May 2023 we worked with the children of Class 3 from Much Marcle Primary School to build the school a small vegetable garden.
The children really enjoyed the experience and have become budding gardeners!  We have tried to use recycled materials as much as possible.  We have made planters from pallets, pots from bottles and buckets and spoons for labels.
We wanted the children to get a real understanding for how things form an eco system and see how easy it is to grow your own food.
The children have planted; sugar snap peas, marigolds, borage, nasturtiums, onions, chives, strawberries, chard and radishes in their new garden, as well as making wild flower bombs, bunting and spoon labels.

We have also introduced a wormery, with the idea that the school will be able to sustain and continue their growing, whilst also making their green waste into compost. The school is now using their food scraps to feed the worms, who continue to create their own rich compost and natural fertiliser or ‘worm tea’!
The children have been putting the salad grown in the garden into their sandwiches and love the fact that they have grow it themselves!
To finish the project, the children came up to Hellens on a gloriously sunny day for more planting and making of decorative pots from milk bottles for the festival. We were also lucky enough to have a really inspiring talk from Kev Alviti which the children were captivated by.
We had such fun in the sun, the children loved being at Hellens and getting involved in creating for the festival. Big thanks to Charlie and our wonderful volunteers for helping so much with the planting!



Well done everyone from Class 3!

Planting, making and growing with you has been a joy!





Testimonial from Mrs Davies, Headteacher, Much Marcle Primary School

Our Year 3 and 4 children have been part of a six week Gardening Project,  lead by Kat Terry.  Every week Kat and Soesen planned engaging sessions that built upon prior learning.  Their knowledge and passion made for exciting and experiential activities.
The school now has a thriving vegetable garden that the children are proud of and excited to care for.  The children have experienced growing and eating their own produce!
The project ended with a morning at Hellens, where the children created their own recycled milk carton planters that will be displayed at the Hellens Garden Festival.
The project gave all children the opportunity to learn about where the food they eat comes from, has encouraged them to try new foods and gives them the knowledge to go home and grow their own.  We would definitely sign up to the project again.