Booking for Hellens Garden Festival 2017

Exhibitors Stand Fees:

Table Space (approximately 6 foot x 2 foot)
– one day =  £38,  both days = £70

3m x 3m Pitch
– one day =  £60,  both days = £98

4m x 5m Pitch
– one day =  £98,  both days = £160

Electricity = £7.50

Table hire = £7 per table

Covered Pitch = £15

If you are a registered charity OR you will be demonstrating only throughout the weekend (e.g. black smithing) we offer a 100% discount.

If you are a registered charity and are selling goods or services OR you will be demonstrating and selling goods or services throughout the weekend we offer a 50% discount.

Ice Cream vendor, prices for 2017 are £195

Food Concession, prices for 2017 are £300

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Your Insurance

It is a condition of taking part in the Festival that exhibitors arrange their own Public Liability insurance. Please email or post us a copy of your Public Liability Insurance (valid for the Festival period) when you make your application.

Post to:

Ruth Rennick
Much Marcle,

Email us:

Information, Terms and Conditions

Please read all of our Information, Terms and Conditions – we have made them as short and friendly as possible.

Exhibitors have to agree to these Terms and Conditions to be accepted – see the Application Form.