Booking for Hellens Garden Festival 2018 – will open soon!

It’s that time of year again! Welcome to The Hellens Garden Festival 2018. The dates for the 2018 Festival are 9th & 10th June.

The Hellens Garden Festival is committed to promoting sustainability; it has been growing beautifully over the last few years  –  nurtured and well watered by our very small team. We positively encourage exhibitors who are local, green, and share our commitment to sustainable practice and could not continue without your support.

We need to reduce the administrative overhead of arranging the Festival, and to keep things as simple as possible, so that we can maintain our charitable fundraising purpose.

For the 2018 Festival we will:

  • Only have 2 day bookings (the Hellens Garden Festival is a two day event and we would like you to be there for both of these please).
  • Offer only one size of pitch and multiples thereof. A 3m x 3m pitch is the minimum size for each exhibitor.
  • Not offer cover (tents) for hire. (Only a very small percentage of our exhibitors have requested cover in the past and actually, many of those have their own cover for other fairs and festivals.)
  • Not offer table hire.  (Many exhibitors are used to bringing their own tables and chairs to events of this nature.)
  • Not offer power with the exception of Food on the Go exhibitors and Ice Cream and any Demonstrators that require it.

(Please bring your own set of solar powered lights if you require them.)

Trade Stand Sizes & Fees for 2018:

We look forward to welcoming you to the Festival

The following categories and prices apply:-

3m x 3m – £98.00

3m x 6m – £147.00

3m x 9m – £171.50

6m x 6m – £196.00

6m x 9m – £245.00

9m x 9m – £318.50

Festival Contributors & Charities

As a Contributor you may be a Partner, Speaker or Sponsor who has a requirement for pitch space at the Hellens Garden Festival.  You may also be a Demonstrator who is providing ORGANISED PUBLIC PARTICIPATION activities.  You will not be charged for your space.  We also allow for 8 spaces for Registered Charities allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Outside Catering

Outside Catering includes Food, Ice Cream, Hot & Cold drinks including alcohol to be consumed during the Festival.  Fees for 2018 are as below.

3m x 3m – £250

3m x 6m – £350

Discounted Stand

Historically, if you have demonstrated and sold goods or services from your stand, you have received a 50% discount on the Trade Stand pitch fees above. This is changing for the 2018 festival. The Hellens Garden Festival is a fundraising event and we will be offering a limited number of these pitches. To take advantage of this rate we require that your business is primarily:



Community focused

Or if you are Demonstrating your skills by actively making product. Selling of product must clearly be a secondary activity. We do not consider small scale making of stock for what is mainly a Trade Stand to be in this category.

Your Insurance

It is a condition of taking part in the Festival that exhibitors arrange their own Public Liability insurance. Please email or post us a copy of your Public Liability Insurance (valid for the Festival period) when you make your application.

Post to:

Ruth Rennick
Much Marcle,

Email us:

Information, Terms and Conditions

Please read all of our Information, Terms and Conditions – we have made them as short and friendly as possible.

Exhibitors have to agree to these Terms and Conditions to be accepted – Terms & Conditions for 2018 can be found HERE.